National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited
An ISO:9001 Certified Organization
National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited
An ISO:9001 Certified Organization


Since, the following services are provided to our member factories:-

1. Promotional Services

The technical and promotional cell prepares the Indian Standard Specifications for machinery and components of sugar factories for approval of Bureau of Indian Standard. The representatives of the cell also participates in various seminars, conferences and workshops both national and international, to gather new know-hows and also to present their own views for the promotion of their member factories. The cell also member of the Committee, Government of India for upgrading the Standard Specifications for 2500, 5000, 7500 TCD plants.

2. Technical Services

The technical and promotional cell comprising experts in various fields i.e. Engineering, Sugar Technology, Sugarcane Agronomy, Financial Management, Man Power Planning, Cogeneration and By-Products Management etc. of NFCSF has been providing technical and promotional services to its member cooperative sugar factories in order to improve their technical performance. The main objectives of the cell are to provide technical know how, advice and other assistance in selection, purchase, installation, operation and maintenance of plant and machinery, assistance in selection of technical personnel for member factories and suggesting ways and means to increase capacity utilisation and operational efficiency of existing sugar factories. The cell has also provided its services for establishment of new cooperative sugar factories in different parts of the country right from inception to commissioning i.e. preparation of project and feasibility report, cane development, site selection, tender documents for plant and machinery, project scheduling, manpower planning, inspection of plant and machinery at manufacturers works, project monitoring, erection, commissioning and so forth. In case of working sugar factories, the cell has prepared projects for modernisation/expansion schemes, energy conservation, improvement in working efficiency, improvement in quality of sugar and optimisation of crushing capacity. The experts of the cell who have wide national and international experience deal with various engineering, manufacturing and management aspects of the sugar factories. The volume of work handled by the technical cell of NFCSF can be gauged by the fact that since its establishment in 1977 as many as 130 new cooperative sugar factories have been set up and 70 cooperative sugar factories have availed of its services for expansion purpose alongwith preparation of DPRs for them.

The services are also provided for sugarcane development varietal development and improvement in agricultural practices for improving yield, to reduce cost of cultivation, DPR for Ethanol, Alcohol, Co-generation is also being provided. Inspection of machinery at manufacturer works is also done as per NFCSF standard procedure.

The Cell has also gained international experience through preparation of Detailed Project Report for new sugar mills in Nepal and Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Madagaskar, Sudan etc.

The Experts of this Federation have travelled widely in India and abroad and have visited the sugar industries of Mauritius, Re-union, Thailand, South Africa, Pakistan, Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Vietnam, Colombia, USA, Ghana, Ethiopia, Sudan, Medagaskar, Fiji, Indonesia etc. They have also attended several International Conferences and Congresses of the International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists, ICUMSA, F.A.O. etc.

3. Financial Consultancy

The financial wing of NFCSF has been helping new cooperative sugar factories and expansion projects in obtaining term loans from central financial institutions, preparing of feasibility and project reports, cash flow etc. for existing factories, the Financial wing also prepares memoranda for submission to Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices (CACP) and Bureau of Industrial Costs and Prices (BICP) for fixation of Fairs and Remunerative Sugarcane Price (FRP) and levy sugar price so that the interest of the sugarcane farmers are taken care of. These are very exhaustive work, done after collection of data from factories and compilation of them. The wing also looks into the credit, excise and taxation problems of the member factories to ensure smooth functioning of the factories. The Financial Cell has also prepared Standard and Uniform method of Accounting & Costing in sugar factories.

4. Legal Service

The sugar industry is in a transitional state, from a highly regulated one it is moving towards complete deregulation, in the process the industry has to face many problems, which harm the industry. In a world where justice is meted out only on demand, the NFCSF takes up the cudgels on behalf of their members who are mainly poor and marginal farmers. It guides the members on various legal issues and also takes legal recourse on behalf of members, if the matter cannot be settled amicably.

5. Sugar Policy Matters

Besides informing the member factories and State Federations about sugar releases, major developments on policy matters, pricing and other matters relating to sugar industry and undertaking follow-up action on factories representations and problems, the NFCSF represents to the Government on important policy issues for the welfare of their members.

6. Sugarcane Development

As sugarcane forms the backbone of sugar industry, NFCSF has been laying emphasis on development of sugarcane. Therefore, besides helping the sugar factories to get loan from Sugar Development Fund, Govt. of India the Chief Cane Adviser of NFCSF advice the members on latest technologies on sugarcane agronomy, better cultivation practices by adopting new high sugar content, early maturing, high yielding varieties of cane to increase sugarcane yield and sugar recovery in the country. The Chief Cane Adviser also advises the members on pests and diseases management in sugarcane fields. About 200 SDF loan applications have been prepared.

For the development of sugar, also organizing National Seminars on Sugarcane. During 2008, the National Seminar was organized on sugarcane varieties and their impact on yield and sugar recovery from 8th 9th July, 2008 at New Delhi. During 2009, the National Seminar was held at Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu on 15th & 16th July, 2009. The three days National Seminar on Sugarcane was organized from 2nd 4th September, 2010 at Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management, Pune, Maharashtra.

As sugarcane is the backbone of the sugar industry and the varieties of sugarcane play a major role not only in increasing sugarcane productivity but also sugar recovery, NFCSF in an attempt to improve the productivity of sugarcane, constituted the following Committee to conduct varietal trials in different cooperative sugar factories’ operational areas :


Mr. Prakash Naiknavare , Managing Director, NFCSF



Managing Directors of State Federations of Cooperative Sugar Factories of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Special Officer of Tamil Nadu State Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories and Representative of Andhra Pradesh Cooperative Sugar Factories



Cane Advisers of State Federations of Cooperative Members Sugar Factories



Heads of Department of Cane of some cooperative sugar factories conducting varietal trials



Dr. R.B.Doule, Agronomist (Sugarcane Expert)

Member Secretary


Special Invitees

i) Director, Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

ii) Director, Uttar Pradesh Council of Sugarcane Research, Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh

iii) Breeders from Pant Nagar, SBI, Karnal, Padegaon and Uchaani, Karnal etc.


The Committee’s main concern was to establish a balance between the interest of the cane growers and the sugar factories. As the cane growers interest lies in more cane productivity per unit area per unit time and payment of cane on the basis of weight, whereas the sugar factories interest lies in more sugar content in sugarcane juice, it was decided to establish a balance between the two interests by ensuring better sugarcane varieties with higher yield and better sugar recovery. Further, it was also observed that some of the sugarcane varieties released by various institutes had shown good results, were not performing well, especially in Northern India. Considering the above, it was decided to conduct varietal trials through different cooperative sugar factories and evolve strategies which will ensure long term improved productivity.

7. Statistical Information

NFCSF maintains up-to-date statistical information on all aspects of sugar, sugarcane and allied products.

8. Efficiency Awards

In order to imbibe a spirit of healthy competition amongst member cooperative sugar factories for improvement in their technical performance, NFCSF introduced Technical Efficiency Awards in its Silver Jubilee Year (1985). Encouraged by the results of healthy competition of Technical Efficiency Awards, the NFCSF had introduced similar awards for Cane Development, Financial Management & Overall Best Cooperative Sugar Factory in subsequent years.

A Committee comprising technical experts from NFCSF and other organisations like National Sugar Institute, Kanpur, Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune, NCDC and representatives of State Federations to formulates the guidelines and scrutinizes the proposals every year are as under :-

Members of Technical Committee for Efficiency Awards

1. Mr.  Makrand Phadke Chief Director (Sugar)
Directorate of Sugar
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution
Krishi Bhawan
NEW DELHI  110 001

2. Managing Director Karnataka State Federation of Coop. Sugar Factories Ltd.,
No. 58, 1st Main Temple Street,
Post Office Malleshwaram
KARNATAKA  560 003

3. Managing Director
Punjab State Federation of Coop. Sugar Factories Ltd.,
125-127, Sector 17-B
PUNJAB  160 017

4. Chairman
Gujarat Rajya Sahakari Khand Udyog Sangh Ltd.,
‘Sardar Sahakari Khand Bhavan’
Sector-16, G.H. Road
Plot No. 274, Near Central Bank of India
GUJARAT  382 016

5. Shri Sanjay Khatal, Managing Director
Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Sangh Ltd.,
Sakhar Bhawan, Plot No.230,
Block No.3, Backbay Reclamation
Nariman Point,
MUMBAI  400 021

6. Managing Director
The Uttar Pradesh Coop. Sugar Factories Federation Ltd.,
9-A, Rana Pratap Marg

7. Chief Director (Sugar)
National Coop. Development Corporation
4, Siri Institutional Area
August Kranti Marg
Behind Hauz Khas
NEW DELHI  110 016

8. Mr. Narendra Mohan Agarwal, Director
National Sugar Institute
Post : Kalyanpur

9. Mr. Shivajirao Deshmukh, Director General
Vasantdada Sugar Institute
Manjari (Budruk),
Distt. Pune

10. Mr. Suresh Chandra, Dy. Director (Sugar)
Ministry of Consumer Affairs,
Food & Public Distribution
Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi

11 The Managing Director
Haryana State Federation of Cooperative Sugar Mills Ltd.
Bay No.49-52, Sector  2
Panchkula-134112, Chandigarh, Haryana

12. Mr. Prakash Naiknavare, Managing Director
NFCSF, New Delhi

13. Officials of NFCSF