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National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited was established in 1960 to coordinate and facilitate the working of the affiliated Cooperative Sugar Factories and State Federations of Cooperative Sugar Factories and to assist in the promotion and organization of new cooperative sugar factories. But with the changing requirements of the industry and the need for being globally competitive, NFCSF is emphasizing on cost effective utilization of by-products of the industry for value addition and thereby transforming cooperative sugar factories into complexes of sugar and its by-products’ industries for making them financially viable.

To achieve the vision NFCSF has the following objectives:

1. To advocate and promote & safeguard the interests of its members in accordance with the cooperative principles.
2. To arrange education and training for the benefit of its members.
3. To arrange for technical support and services to its members both for improving their operational efficiency as well as for organisation and promotion of new cooperative sugar factories
4. To promote R & D activities for its members, sponsor research projects, conferences, seminars etc., to find out solutions of the problems of its member cooperative sugar factories and allied subjects.
5. To act as accredited representative and spokesman organisation of the cooperative sugar sector factories at the policy fora of Central and State Governments, business fora and organisations relating to sugar industry; establish liaison with national and international organisations and others allied to sugar industry.
6. To advice and assist its members in the matters related to their management and operations.
7. To undertake information services for the benefit of its members.
8. To publish literature and documents on sugar industry for the benefit of its members.
9. To undertake any other activities that are incidental and conducive to the attainment of its objectives and interest of its members for the development and progress of sugar and its co-products industries either directly or through strategically collaborative joint ventures or partnership with organisations including insurance within India and abroad.



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