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 R & D Activity

 Considering the need for making Indian sugar globally competitive to meet the challenges of liberalisation policy, the WTO and ICUMSA norms, the National Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Limited (NFCSF), set up the Research & Development and Training Center at FC-33, Jasola, New Delhi.

In order to motivate and make the cooperative sugar factories achieve their best, the NFCSF introduced a scheme of ‘Efficiency Awards’ in 1985, which over the years has added many dimensions to it. Beginning with ‘Technical Efficiency Awards in 1985, NFCSF introduced ‘Cane Development Efficiency Award’ also in 1990-91, ‘Best Utilization of By-products’ in 1994-95, ‘Overall Best Cooperative Sugar Factory’ in 1995-96 and ‘Financial Management Award’ in 1994-95. Later on Maximum cane crushing (in trial season) award and Maximum export from India award was also added. The current scheme of awards welcomes a healthy competition amongst the cooperative sugar factories.

As the future of Indian Sugar Industry will largely depend on how cost effective and technically advanced, the industry can be in the field and factory, the thrust of the activities of Research and Development are at present focussed on :-

  • To improve the quality of sugarcane through high sugar content, high yielding, early maturing, its management for insects, pests and  diseases and better sugar recovery.

  • To improve the efficiency productivity and quality of sugar to make it internationally competitive.

  • To reduce inventory and maintenance cost.

  • To reduce steam, fuel, power and water consumption.

  • Proper utilisation of all by-products of the sugar industry and setting up co-generation and ethanol projects; etc.

To ensure that the Research and Development cover all areas of sugarcane, sugar, their down stream products and allied products, NFCSF constituted the following committee of experts in various fields from major sugar producing States and research institutes.

R & D Committee consists of the following experts :-

1.     Sh. Prakash P Naiknavare
        Managing Director, NFCSF

2.     Technical Advisers of all State Federations of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd.

3.    Cane Advisers of all State Federations of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd.

4.    General Manager (Tech.)
       The Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Sugar Factories Federation Ltd.

5.    Professor (Sugar Technology)
       Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune

6.    Director
       National Sugar Institute, Kanpur

7.    Professor (Sugar Technology)
       National Sugar Institute, Kanpur

8.    Adviser (Technical)
       The Tamil Nadu State Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd.

9.  Technical Adviser 
        Karnataka State Federation of Cooperative Sugar Factories Ltd.

10.  Mr. Jasbir Singh
       Technical Adviser, NFCSF

11.  Mr. A.K.Jain
        Consultant (Financial), NFCSF

12.   Mr. Arvind Kumar Sud
        Consultant(Tech.), NFCSF

13.   Dr. J.P. Singh (Member Secretary)
        Chief Cane Adviser, NFCSF

As the Indian sugar industry has vast potentials and there is a whole new world for the Indian sugar industry to explore and attain heights the aim of NFCSF is to make sugar complexes, where utilisation of sugarcane and sugar is made to the fullest by setting up allied industries based on all products and by-products of sugarcane and sugar. 

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