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  • The Constitution (111th amendment) Bill, 2009
  • Interest rate on SDF loans disbursed on or after 15.07.2013 shall be 8.25% p.a.
  • Extn. of time limit for sub. of application for obt. release orders for export of sugar under OGL-4
  • Fair & Remunerative Price 2012-2013
  • Export of Raw,white and refined Sugar under OGL for the sugar season 2011-12
  • LEVY SUGAR PRICE - 2011-12
  • Loans from Sugar Development Fund (SDF) - Rate of interest of SDF loan
  • Ethanol Tender Document
  • "Scheme for Extending Financial Assistance to Sugar Undertakings, 2014 ".
  • Govt. mulling subsidy of Rs.2,000 a tonne on export of raw sugar
Guidelines for submission of prposal by potentially   [Download]
Rate of Interest on SDF Loan   [Download]
Need to export of sugar around 30 lakh tonnes   [Download]
Ethanol tender document   [Download]
Request for Extension-PDF   [Download]
Release of non-levy quota subsequent to March 13   [Download]
Consumer Price Index Nov.12 to January 13   [Download]
Information/Certificate for payment of levy differential claims of sugar mills   [Download]
Rate of Interest of SDF loan   [Download]
Packing of sugar in Jute packaging Material under JPM Act 1987   [Download]
Legal Openion in the matter of carry forward issue of the levy sugar   [Download]
Submission of Statutory Return Proforma-II   [Download]
Data on sugar Export upto 15th June 2012   [Download]
Supplementary EOI for Supply of Indigenous Denatured Anhydrous Ethanol   [Download]
Joint letter ( Quartely release of non-levy sugar quota)   [Download]
Submission of application for release orders   [Download]
Submission of application for release orders   [Download]
Submission of hard copy of proforma-II Part-II   [Download]
submission of hard copy of proforma-II Part-I   [Download]
List of Jute mills nominated by DGS&D for supply of Gunny Bales for KMS 2011-12   [Download]
Status of LSPEF dues as on 30.9.2011   [Download]
Non-levy sugar quota for the month of Nov. 2011   [Download]
: Non payment of cane price dues/arrears to the sugarcane Growers by   [Download]
Guidelines/norms for loan under SDF   [Download]
Updation data of sugar   [Download]
Submission of Statutory returns   [Download]
Policy on exports of sugar in 2011-12   [Download]
Supply of levy sugar in 50 kg jute bags for state govt. for PDS   [Download]
Extension of validity period of non-levy sugar quota for   [Download]
Export of Raw , white and refined sugar under OGL   [Download]
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